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Twin Peaks defense attorney calls prosecutors' behavior 'criminal'

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Casie Gotro, the defense attorney for Jake Carrizal, told the judge that prosecutors were withholding evidence. After court takes a recess, she calls the prosecutors’ conduct “unethical” and “criminal.”


Dave Coyle says:

That Texas incident was state sponsored murder nothing more nothing less !

Andrew Holloway says:

Welcome to a american corrupt court system.

Andrew Holloway says:

You go girl. Hold those tyrants accountable for all their lies and deception.

Rod McDonald says:

District Attorneys are as corrupt as cops.

Leonardo Rivera says:

She is beating the prosecutors and the judge.

Moot Points says:

I literally cannot stop thinking about this person. It's not fair.

Moot Points says:

It's not a hard decision to make. She should not have to wait on the judge to do the right thing and "dismiss the charges for prosecutorial misconduct". She works really hard to combat what is obviously criminal misconduct by the prosecutor so the judge's decision to deny her motion is contemptable.

Michael Irizarry says:

that defense attorney is hot.

hambone0000 says:

This ended in a mistrial

hambone0000 says:

Damn I thought I was watch "How To Get Away With Murder!!! " she seems good!!

Stockton 711 says:

Kangaroo Court System we have Adopted From our late fathers . Abolished this system  and get rid of those corrupt money Hungry Lawyers .

MusicMitchy says:

I love to see a lawyer get involved and upset like this. It means they give a shit about what they are doing and not just going through the motions to get home and have dinner..

Fokosmok says:

Show us her buttchicks.

Thread Breaker says:

There are many ways to get to you.

Thread Breaker says:

I can merely leave a comment here on your wall and you will see it.

Todd Corbin says:

She won a mistrial from what Im reading

Gord D says:

I enjoy watching these videos….but what happened next?

Rick Slick says:

This is SOP for many courts in the judicial system in our country. Soon it will all fail. So sad for us.

Riley M says:

holy shit its anita gibbs

Michael Saari says:

Prosecutors have no place being prepared for them in heaven!!! Prosecutors are the primary problem with the judicial system…
— Mike Saari for State Senate 2022

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