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USA Blue vs USA White – Full Game Highlights – August 9, 2019 | USA Basketball 2019

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USA White vs USA Blue Scrimmage – Full Game Highlights – August 9, 2019 | USA Basketball 2019 Exhibition Games FIBA World Cup 2019

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Ximo Pierto says:

USA Basketball Scrimmage 2019 – Mic'd Up : https://youtu.be/jmlSO6Snv8k

Богдан Муранов says:

Interesting to see what those guys would do against beasts from Russia like Mozgov etc. 😁

vlada dragutinovic says:

Jokic MVP, Serbia is coming to take gold..

se cs says:

where is trae young?

arlette says:

What is this white and blue stuff? What games are these, please explain

ImJustKameron says:

This was boring ..

Chris Perry says:

Myles Turner can dominate Serbia

Kai deVega says:

MB3 out here making his presence known🔥💯

mike k says:

why are all those man black? what a racist shit! I'm calling CNN!!

vodka says:

fox is gonna be a problem next year 👀

La Man says:

I miss one player on the US team; Tacko Fall. Yes, I know, it doesn't matter. We want to see Tacko

John Hawthorne says:

Not to knock these guys, some of them are stars and other will be stars in the nba in the future, but this is like the USA mens D team that’s gonna be competing here

Bog Great says:

guys cool video about basketball, check out

Reverse says:

Another gold got USA

mark randall says:

tatum boiiii got his shot up fr lol

Babylon Boizz says:

2:35 all day babyyyy 🤣🤣🤣

megas alexandros says:

0 change at least 4 European teams can easily beat them Spain Greece France Serbia Slovenia worst Usa team I have seen

Andrew Lee says:

12:50 picked up his dribble lmaooo

jizzy t says:

You can sense the lack of experience just by watching not like the old experienced team usa

Josh Fahrney says:

You know the team is bad when you have 9th men like pat connaughton on the roster

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