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Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

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What’s healthier: a vegan diet or the Mediterranean Diet? Neal Barnard, M.D., clears up the confusion in a presentation from the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine on Aug. 10, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Learn more about a plant-based diet at PCRM.org.


OhPlease a says:

i find it amazing that people keep trying to grasp at straws. A week i read an article where a study did not conclusive state that meat and especially red meat is causing cancer. Further more they argued since there were not enough studies done no one should say meat is causing cancer. It is frigging hilarious that in fork over knives over 100 million participants over several decades were studied and that there was a causal link between eating to much meat and cancer. Every time there is something which might debunk notion that we need to eat way more plants .. people will go in extreme lengths and try to prove we are omnivores. Meanwhile the average american slaps a pound of meat every day on its plate and gets fatter by the minute. I cant wait when earth burns from our waste. We will be literally mile deep in animal waste and we will still be debating the pro and cons of a plant based diet. Even if we throw out the corporate, dairy, meat and koch brother influences it will take years to take action. Democracy has failed.

NYRM1974 says:

Sofrito is not tomato sauce it's a cooking base that consists of olive oil garlic green peppers red peppers parsley and part of the parsley family another ingredient called raco… it's a cooking base

Manuela Sánchez Edreira says:

I don’t really like how he does not include Spain and Portugal when this diet is the main one in this two countries.

Joe Smith says:

The Mediterranean diet lets people eat all the meat, oil and cheese they want. It is ambiguous enough to allow people to eat all they want of anything and call it 'moderation', but it's better than the standard American diet because it probably changes people's diets slightly for the better.

Whole food-plant based has strict requirements with fantastic health outcomes and sustained weight loss even without calorie counting. The strictness doesn't mean it's not pleasurable, though. I enjoy my meals.

crazy coco says:

I prefer to die as a man than to live like a rabbit. A life without cheese, fried chicken, a burger, ice cream, french fries? all of that always replaced with fuckin salads without oil? ar you fuckin serious?! if the rabbit diet allows you to live until 350 may be i'll think about it. but common, at best, the rabbit diet allows you to live 5 more years than the average more or less healthy guy. So i give an emphatic "fuck" the rabbit diet!!!!

Clare Dodd says:

I've just tried contacting the Physicians Committee but got 'rebuffed' I.e.. I don't know whether my email got received and whether I will get a response. Not good. My question was, some people say a paleo/keto diet is gives the same positive results. I just want a response to that. If I do get a response (I very much doubt it, I will run naked through my home town). 😂😂

Miha Sedlar says:

they live 100+ stop searching for hot wather

Ed Riley says:

We need to avoid the McDonalds, Burger Kings, Taco Bells, and Dunkin Dumbnuts of the world.

popo Dada says:

African diet is the best,

Favor Favor says:

Ok what about calicum for us 60 yr. Strong bones for long life. So what vitamins do we need to take to replace atrophy of muscle..bone health..d3…b12…

Shar Roon says:

So the Japanese had the lowest rates of heart disease but you promote the Mediterranean way of eating? What am I missing?

I M A QYN says:

Today longest living men are Italian, not Japanese.

Doina Campean - gmail says:

Vitamin L :))))))))))))) It is indeed in our genetic makeup to become lipitor deficient by age 50! 🙂

Big Bad says:

The answer is simple. If your a leftist douche eat vegan. If your rightwing eat mediterrean.

Max Pucher says:

Barnard is a vegan moron whose arguments no longer hold any scientific value. Neither saturated fat nor animal protein is linked to any human illness. Just ignore his rants …

Eric K says:

Funny, but the more fat and less carbohydrates I ate, the thinner I became. How can that be?

Eric K says:

Did Dr. Fraud examine if those in the study had very low rates of smoking, and very low rates of obesity because they didn't eat tons of vegan junk food that is the real culprit in our obesity epidemic? Also, I bet they walked a lot, unlike the typical American who sits 10 hours a day in the office and the car.

The M Network says:

both of them are good. The Mediterranean is great for people who have Parkinson. My mother was on it and it was great. I rather do the vegan and the Mediterranean then some of the ones that are out there. And if you really want to lose weight just cut your food in half. That was what my doctor told my mother when she was younger. He said to cut your food in half no salt and she lost good weight but when she moved to Florida they wanted her to gain lol. So no matter what go by your gut

Rozalia slaboiu says:

Japanese eat a lot of fish yet they live very long….

courag1 says:

I eat plant-based, no meat, no fish, very little oil except what is occurring naturally in the food such as flaxseed I eat in my daily cereal. I eat to satisfy hunger but if I add oil, my weight increases. This does not include a rare meal which may be high in oil, so long as I go back and eat my regular diet. BTW, no eggs and definitely no dairy at all. When I say no meat, this includes chicken and turkey. I do use some vegetarian meats but this is limited to perhaps some twice per week. I have maintained a 55 lb. weight loss for now 2 years without hunger or any damage to my health. My BP is low, as is my A1C and cholesterol and I sleep and feel well. And I enjoy some wine. Not a drunkard, just some.

My husband and I are retried, we get out and do walking every day. We love eating vegan Chinese. Does not make either of our weights increase but we don't eat that more than once a week.

We do eat Mexican food or Italian food more often but no meats or cheese.

We are not suffering one single bit. I never feel tempted to go back and eat meat.

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