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Vikings vs. Saints Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs

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The Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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David Bradford says:

2:41 i remember when my balls dropped

Matthias Corvinus says:

Not a Saints fan, but who's here after the Vikings flop again

Joe Vialpando says:

it's got to suck that you weren't good enough to take out the Vikings for a rematch with my Niners, which I wanted so bad to kick the Saints ass this time around, well we have to wait again to see you next year in your house again being that schedulers have to protect you from coming to our house lol , amazing how many times we've had to go to NO's

Citizen Bane says:

"Brees is such a class act"
A phrase by his fans so they don't look too stupid when he chokes in the playoffs.

DeadMoNeyProductions BP says:

lol rob parker hating on brees saying his age is showing. i still see a great arm and accuracy

Max Doubt says:

Ha! Vikes send the Saints home…again.

Placebo Gaming says:

Here after 49ers 21-10 Vikings

ACE 7TM says:

11:44 the sound of good football 💪🏽

Heroic Spartans says:


Zion Newkirk says:

Saints seem to just get bit with bad luck every year in the playoffs.

Tara Knight says:

That was not a touch down at 735…… But ish happens right…..

Roberto Luján says:

Same as two years ago…the vikings beat the saints, then they show everyone how bad they really are. Seriously, if you advance in the playoffs, don’t play the next game like a kindergarden team. That’s why vikings will never win a SB. And cry babies still blaming the bounty that happened 11 years ago…

Will Seest says:

Saints vs Refs part 4
JK vikings won the game.
Vikings fan here😂

kevin amador says:

Vikings only exist to just ruin the Saints season😂

Hammer Sandoval says:

Viking will lose , 10 to 27, call it Who Dat Curse🤴🤣👍

Gordon Smith says:

This loss looks really bad now seeing how bad the 9ers are beating up on the vikings

aroperdope says:

Never pick the Vikings to advance far after they beat the Saints. They always beat the Saints and then they get blown out. They Couldn't stop the run, they couldn't run the ball, and they couldn't hold on to it to save their life. Marcus sherels needs to retire. Or whatever the hell his name is. Xavier Rhodes needs to give it up as well. Stefanski needs to stay put. Cuz he ain't ready yet.

Ibraheem Rao says:

Don't understand why they didn't call more rushing plays with Taysom even though he had 50 yards on 4 carries.

Doktor Bundy says:

So sad: Saints played so well in the season, even without one of the best QB in the league. Having a 13-3 season and need to go to wildcard game is seldom and then this 🙁 Brees had a bad day.

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