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Warning Markers for Stopped Tractor Trailers

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Warning Markers For Stopped Tractor-Trailers
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Michael Goldberg: 49 C.F.R. Section 392.22 requires a truck driver to place warning markers or caution triangles whenever his vehicle is stopped in or around the roadway. He’s required to place these triangles out as soon as possible, but in no event, less than ten minutes. Whenever there is an accident involving a stopped tractor-trailer, one needs to investigate whether or not the truck driver placed the triangles out and whether they were placed in the correct location. The purpose of these markers is to make sure that oncoming traffic knows and sees where the tractor-trailer is in plenty of time to avoid a collision. Whenever there’s an accident with a stopped tractor-trailer, it is important to make sure that the warning triangles were correctly placed.


Ruth Kuehny says:

Well that wasn't any help

Joe Veres says:

useless info…how do you place them….how far apart?!

Juan Quiroz says:

and what is the correct spacing it's very important

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