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What Does Trump REALLY Want From Russia? (EXCLUSIVELY ON VIMEO)

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The U.S. President seems to have an unshakable fondness for his Russian counterpart. This short (2:42) animation clip features some characters than might have a few clues…plus a possible item on Trump’s “From Russia With Love” wish list.

Graphics, images and sound by Loren Taylor.
All images, sound and video originally created or used under Creative Commons license.
Rendered in Ultra HD 4k.
©2017 Loren Taylor

©2017 Loren Taylor
While we know Trump has publicly voiced his White House visions for decades, the nucleus of the actual Trump-4-Prez scheme was likely hatched inside the milieu created when he took the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013. The (excuse the pun) universe produced by the connection between international beauty pageants and one of the Trump Organization’s core sectors- the hotel/tourism industry (particularly in so-called “developing countries”)- is the perfect environment for elites and their operatives to have conversations they couldn’t have in more conventional settings.

The following narrative raises questions about the true intentions of the inner circle now occupying the Oval Office and who they might be beholden to. It’s quite likely FBI-appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller already has leads into the possible money laundering, sexual misconduct (prostitution, sex trafficking and who-knows-what-else),

…and oh, yeah, I almost forgot: collusion with a hostile foreign power with intentions to destabilize the U.S. electoral process and other vital political/social institutions.

The investigative journey leading to this seemingly less-than-plausible analysis produced a cast of characters rivaling anything a Hollywood screenwriter could concoct. The process began while setting out to fill a basic requirement: verifying that the images used in this video were the people they are intended to be.

Once I decided to use images of women from Miss Universe 2013, it then became necessary to put some serious thought as to how they should be portrayed, as titillation or attention-grabbing is pathetically easy. However, once the intense searching for Miss Universe factoids began, the journey produced a noticeable tangent. One pattern emerging was the connection (however indirect) between Miss Universe and other international beauty pageants. Quite a few Miss Universe contestants had competed in other international pageants both before-and-after their time in Moscow.

So What? Maybe these women simply found an interesting hobby. Mebbie so, if you think of Miss Universe in the standard, Miss-TV-America framework- contestants winding their way thru a series of local contests, snagging the prize to represent their country at the international Big Show.

Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow could be described as the prototype for how women are really chosen to compete in these pageants. Of the 86 women who competed in Moscow, anywhere from 30-to-50% of them did NOT win the national title. In some cases, the national organizers chose another woman to send to Moscow, often the 3rd or 4th place finisher. In a few instances, the national organizers didn’t even bother to hold local contests and merely held castings to find their desired choice for the Miss Universe finals. Each of these stories raises serious doubts to both the integrity of the entire process and what the real purposes of these pageants are. Three national contests particularly stood out.

– Marine Lorphelin was crowned Miss France 2013. She had “worked her way up” thru local contests and spent a fair amount of time prior to Moscow performing her duties as the reigning Miss France. Somehow, the organizers felt it was more important for Lorphelin to remain in France to attend the Miss France 2014 contest than to compete in Miss Universe 2013. Also, there is no explanation as to why the Miss France 2014 contest was held near the same time as Miss Universe 2013. The organizers certainly knew well in-advance the dates of the Moscow event. First-runner up (2nd place) Hinarani De Longeaux was selected to go to Moscow instead of Lorphelin.

– Ezinne Akudo was named Miss Nigeria 2013, but for unexplained reasons didn’t go to Moscow. That honor instead went to Stephanie Okwu, winner of Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, another pageant sponsored by the Miss Nigeria organizers. The previous year, Okwu was the winner of another pageant sponsored by the same organizers, but was not one of the contestants in the Miss Nigeria pageant…

That’s all Vimeo gives space for. For the rest of the narrative, use this link to read/download the full PDF:


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