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Sometimes videos start out as a normal run of the mill brake job… then Mrs.O comes out to the shop and is extremely tired and gives us her words of wisdom. -Enjoy

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Dave Blane says:

Wow. that vise looks great!

Question: when did the brake cleaner music start? haha
We repair espresso machinery here. NOT automotive, (!!!) but a few of the problems you deal with apply to us, here in L.A.

Best, Dave B.

James Larsen says:

Im still chuckling πŸ˜‚

Ottomation20 says:

Love you guys! and the comments too!

blacksaxcam says:

I typed you all this explanation of "going off half-cocked" in the time it took Mrs. O to look up more info, so here it is anyway. It comes from a time that we get other sayings from, too, so pretty interesting. It refers to a muzzle-loading gun (flintlock or cap-lock) going off when it shouldn't. The gun would normally fire from the fully cocked position, and shouldn't release, even with a pull of the trigger, from the half-cocked position. So going off half-cocked is doing something spontaneously before you were ready. To get something "lock, stock, and barrel" and "blowing your wad too early" are both also in reference to guns from about the same era, as early as revolutionary times.

Bill Richards says:

RadioShack – you've got questions we've got dumb looks…

Philip Martin says:

The genius of this video is that most men tune out the voice of women, allowing us to clearly focus on the brakes being installed.

Richard Greene says:

35:10 – Hey, did you have to pay the Flat Rate Master for using his music?

Michael Costeline says:

Cute video or is it a blog. My heart chapter goes to Lake George finger lakes. That place is expensive five dollars for a Pepsi from the tap. That look that up on the urban dictionary. Crazy you guys cute

Glenn T says:

Mrs. O: "Where 'yer ear plugs?"
South Main Auto guy: "Huh?"

Propeller Head says:

Half Cocked means safe mode in gun safety terms. older guns have a safety feature at half cocked that keeps a chambered round from being accidentally discharged if dropped or mishandled. "Don;t go off half cocked". Does Eric have a wonderful life or what.? I wish my days were like his..

pzkpfwiv freak says:

do you sneak a meow in at 9:47 ? in some other vids i think i hear a "meow" snuck in once in a while. or is it just me ?

g Long says:

This is my favorite SMA video

Paul Beall says:

To go off half-cocked means to act prematurely, to speak prematurely. To go off half-cocked is another idiom derived from the operation of firearms. To fire a flintlock gun, one must pull back the cock, or striker. When a gun is fully cocked, it is ready to fire. When a gun is half-cocked, it is not ready to fire.

Hopelessand Forlorn says:

I was an aircraft mechanic in my working days, so I always did the maintenance on the family cars, motorcycles, washing machines, etc. Wife #1, may she rest in peace, did exactly what I asked her to do whenever a car gave the slightest sign of malfunctioning: find a safe place to pull over, shut it off, and call me. Wife #2, despite frequent declarations of gratitude for my fixing things around the house and in the garage, called me from a shopping center to report a dead battery in her car, but not to worry because a nice lady who was raised on a farm and knew all about jumpering batteries on tractors was going to jumper it for her. No, I said, do not do that. I will be there in ten minutes. She put Farm Lady on the phone. No, I said, do not touch the car. I want to be responsible for whatever might go wrong, not you. Back to Wife #2. Oh, she says she has done this many times. I am going to let her do it. Me: Do not let her touch the car. Her: Oh. it will be fine. I am now taking applications for wife #3. Or maybe not.

Rob Cicco says:

Looking in a medical book people that were born without eye lids had surgery were they used the skin from sercumishins the only problem was the people were cockeyed πŸ™ŠπŸ’©πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

BeachBum says:

As a Floridian, seeing you have to use a hammer to get pads out of the brackets is terrifying.

LaShaye L. says:

πŸ˜†πŸ˜† another awesome video!
That break cleaner😩🀣

james daniels says:

Stop being such a Smartass to Mrs.O. She'll kick you in the balls. And you'll deserve every bit of it. Because when she asks you something it's a smart aleck answer because your doing a video.

james daniels says:

You always tell to secure up the caliper in case it falls down. What the hell dude????? Take some advise from yourself pal!!!! After it fell 3 times you decided you should secure it up.

david morrill says:

Hey get the tires already

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