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what online graduate school (in speech pathology) is REALLY like| IMANI BUSBY

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I don’t think I share this enough … but I am a graduate school student at NYU. Check out this video to see what its REALLY like: the pros, cons and my tips on online programs.

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Hi! I’m Imani. I am a Long Island girl turned full blown Brooklynite as of this Summer. I am a 25 year old with a love of fitness, athleisure, healthy eats and beauty products. My goal is simply to share health + wellness motivation and tips with the women who follow me, because in my opinion if everyone can become a healthier + happier and more vulnerable version of themselves, our world will be a better place. I couldn’t do this without helping women practice self-love and realistic positive change to lead to a badass life.


Stoptalkinweunderattack Unite&fightbackdamnit says:

Thanks for posting this video. I have started my Speech Pathology degree I got halfway through it and had to quit because I couldn't continue to go to school. I have a daughter to raise. I wonder if I can continue my degree online. Love the name by the way that is my daughter's name LOL

AJ Taimanglo says:

Did you have to take comps?

Marie Littlefield says:

Thanks for your view points…I’ve been contemplating online vs traditional and online makes more sense for me.

Camila barrios says:

Thank you so much more this video! How many times did you have to travel to campus? Was it frequent?

Truth Teller says:

What did you get your undergraduate in

sara bruno says:

Thank you for this video! I live in NY and will be applying to NYUS online Speech grad program January so this was PERFECT ♡

Kelly Santana says:

Hi Imani!! I’m so glad I found your channel! I’ve been heavily considering pursuing SLP. I graduated with my Bachelors in English Lit 2 years ago and I’ve been working since. I knew I didn’t want to continue pursuing that major anymore and now that I’ve found a new interest, I’m pretty excited to go back to school. The only thing I’m very nervous about is the level of science that’ll be incorporated in the major, especially since it was never really my strong suit and I haven’t taken any science courses in over 4 years. But watching your videos has given me the right kind of push to go for it. Thanks so much for all the insight!

CaramelKitten CaramelKitten says:

A lot of hospitals that take in SLP’s require an experience training beforehand, especially in the hospitals in the country where I live in. I can’t leave the country for a lot of financial and familial reasons. There are no SLP graduate programs in my country as well, that’s why I want to do an online program. Any tips?

CaramelKitten CaramelKitten says:

How did you do your lab clinical? Since you’re an online graduate

Alexis D'Antoni says:

Loved hearing your perspective on the program! I applied for the fall 2019 cohort, patiently waiting for a response 🙏🏽

Paigelyn McElveen says:

Thank you for this❤️ it really encouraged me.

Caroline Langdon says:

This was so helpful! Love it!

Victoria Mendez says:

Can you do video about the classes you took & the grades you got in college for speech, & your final GPA. Also, when you got rejected from grad school & started teaching did you go back to school and get a teaching degree?

Vanessa Hernandez says:

I’m a first generation person who is attending college. I want to become a speech pathologist but get scared to think about graduate school. Is it hard? Like what do I expect in it? It is the same a undergraduate school but just more information?

Naturally Speechie says:

Fellow Speechie! I attend FSU, I’m glad to see you documenting your journey!

Appollonia Appollonia says:

I’m so happy I came across your page!!!!!

yoli Rodriguez says:

This is so helpful. I graduated with my undergrad in 2013 and I'm a SLPA. I'm looking for a 100% online program since I want to be able to work plus where I live there is not a university that offers SLP program. Is NYU 100% online.?

Kelly W Johnson says:

Hi Imani! I’m also in the Speech@NYU program! So glad I came across this video 🙌🏽 I would love to connect with you. I’ve definitely had similar experiences

Jessica Marquez says:

hey girl awesome video! how did you do on the GRE? I'm applying for the NYU fall 2019 cohort!

Brianna d says:

Thank you for this video! Did you take any pre reqs prior to applying ? or did you just apply with your GRE?

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