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what you NEED to know about ONLINE SCHOOL

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NoNameHere says:

Now do parents have to get involved with your education or is it all on you? Like for example, do they need to check assignments or anything?

Pizza Fast says:

Is graduating the same? And whats the process or is it any different to the "standard" brick and morter school?

Maddie G says:

Wait i dont get it she's blowing up so fast and…. still bothers to comment on our comments… I LOVE IT

Haya Abo elnasr says:

I do have a question can you like wake up at whatever time and start and do you like have breaks and like do you work whenever you want like late nights do you like get a project each semester or quarter than you turn it in do you like answer a couple of questions each day or something

Melina Quintanilla says:

I'm in K12 and I like it

Grace Morton says:

Thank you so much! You answered all of my questions and many more thank you thank you😂😁

Stevenson Kyles says:

What if your parents say no because it hard of the teachers to teach you

stan nct says:

what if i’m outside of us? is there like a worldwide one?

abby nicole says:

Do you still have homework? Also do you have more time during the day to do other things besides school?

abby nicole says:

I might do this next year or the year after so this was very helpful!! also I love your videos🙃💗

GsoriaHD says:

I started online school 2nd semester and I’m failing what happens if I fail online school??

Naqita says:

Can you attend online school half way through the year or less? I’m having a lot of stress and want to do online school for the last 2 months of the year

ShyErica Nashay says:

Hmm I’m going to convince my mom to let me start

Welcøme To Holy Account says:

Thanks Im Going Online School next year

Boo says:

I did k12 from kindergarten till 12th grade, I was in Ohio Virtual Academy! 🙂

Neteske gavin says:

I just uploaded a very brief Q&A about online schooling! Love your video! I agree with the procrastinating thing!! Also who is this sponsored by just interested 🙂

HeyitsMar says:

I need Help !!?? I’m trying to convince my mom to let me do online school I asked her she doesn’t let me and she said that she won’t let me because I won’t be social what should I tell her .😫😫😫

leila kazemi says:

why did you decide to become homeschooled?

Jxgvibess says:

I personally enjoy doing online school, but it does tend to get “lonely” some days .. but overall I enjoy doing k12 CAVA . I first started k12 in 8th grade but i had a hard adjustment switching from public school to online so I went back to public for freshman year and decided to go back to k12 in 10th grade in California since I moved from Texas and I’ve been doing it every since. And it’s true it can be stressful with all the school work they give you in every class, and you can get behind sooo muchhh , which makes you HAVE to do your assignments even tho you don’t want to lol . But I recommend K12 if you are looking to do online school. Most of the teachers are pure asf and I literally stan my counselor for the first time .. I always never liked my teachers or counselors in public school but k12 teachers are pure af and they actually help you so much. My counselor legit is helping me graduate a year early this year which is rad b/c if I was in public I swear I wouldn’t be graduating early or having almost all of my credits so fast.

Anonymous says:

Penn Foster anybody?

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