Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Without these GEMS you would NOT get a MORTGAGE!

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So here it is guys, a breakdown on our mortgage process and how you can get a mortgage too.



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Noa Niles says:

Hi, could you share your mortgage adviser details? Thanks for the video, really great Insight

eduns123 says:

I don’t want to rent but it costs me 700 a month to commute to work when living at home.. I’m thinking of renting cos i have no social life too.
I’ve been looking into the help to buy shared ownership

Oluwatosin Asaolu says:

How did you go about searching online for houses?

Blackish and British says:

If I could “like” this 10x I would 😄

TAANDS says:

Girl 240!!! I need you to help me look for mine! That is amazing for the specs that were already there!! And two beds. Yours looks like a new build! 😍 you got a deaaaaal

m buck50 says:

The process of property purchase in the USA was arduous too. I purchased a condominium (flats you call them,) a few years ago. I live about 45 minutes north of NYC and it was expensive due to the proximity of the city. I'm glad I did it. Congratulations ladies!

Elizabeth Addai says:

What’s Stephanie’s IG?

Rutendo Mandiya says:

Lala am sorry this is so far from mortgages and all but am so in love with your hair can I please have a link

Chantelle Louise says:

🙌🏾Thankyouuu ladies, learnt a lot!

Love Nurtures says:

Ok who’s your mortgage advisor! Help!

IMANA X says:

Black success is beautiful 😭❤️

shade Ibraheem says:

Obviously both smart. But both beautiful too. Makeup and hair banging……

MizBuka _ says:

, interesting video beautiful accent but my gosh could barely hear 👂 a word

A Garcia says:

Rose Capital Partners are a great London based firm. Most 5*star reviews on Google. Check them out!

Kymberly Courage says:

I’m so proud of the both of you. Congratulations! 👏🏾💝

Isabella Corelone says:

How old are you

Isabella Corelone says:

I'm a uni student without a job and they wont give me a credit card?

isitme says:

good work girls, this is what i like to see. I've learnt a lot from this video. I plan to buy a property in a few years.

Ezi Ugo Jen says:

Love this video! Thank you both so much!!

Phones FAQ says:

Thank you guys for your video. So inspiring. Pls can your recommend your mortgage advisor as I'm based in UK? Not gotten any that doesn't want bonus. Also what were the active things you did to improve your credit score, mine is still fair and what to get a mortgage. I'll appreciate your reply.

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