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Yin Yoga full Body Full Class | Fascia & Yin Yoga | Yoga with Melissa 473

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This Full Body Full Yin Yoga Class focuses on fascia and yin yoga for 60 minutes. We will move through all the joints of your body from your feet, knees, hips spine, to your shoulders to stress the ligaments and joint capsules so that over time they will become more spacious, thicker and stronger.

This class draws on a healthy dose of Yin Yoga Theory from Bernie Clark and will draw on the principles of yin and yang as they relate to yang muscles and yin tissues so that we can understand why we stress the ligaments in yin yoga to regain space in the joints and strengthen the joints.

We will also explore the yin aspect of the muscles, we have begun to explore this in our previous two classes with myofascia. Myo means muscle and fascia is the fascia that wraps around and between the cells of the muscles. In this class I will explain how the fascia of our muscles govern the muscle麓s range of motion and determines their length.

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Our members are enjoying 8 brand new Myofascial Release Classes featuring the soft foam roller, slo mo ball and soft squash ball for all the joints of your body. If you have sore feet, ankles, knee pain, hip pain, rheumatoid arthritis, weak ankles and feet, spine pain, back pain, sciatica, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, depression, pain in your hands and wrist joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, spend hours a day on keyboards and smartphones, poor circulation in your legs, your elbows, frozen shoulder, spend a lot of time driving, stiff and painful shoulders, stiff and painful neck, experience tension headaches, weak immune system, heart problems or high blood pressure, this rather simple myofascial yoga series for all the joints of your body will be extraordinarily helpful.

Link for members: https://www.members.melissawest.com/courses/myofascial-release-for-joints/

Link to Become a Member: https://www.melissawest.com/membership/membership-sign-up/

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