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YNW Melly ft. Juice WRLD – Suicidal (Remix) [Official Video]

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The official video for YNW Melly’s “Suicidal” Remix featuring Juice WRLD – Out Now!

Stream on all platforms: https://ynwmelly.ffm.to/suicidalremix

Directed by Nathan R. Smith

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#YNWMelly #Suicidal #JuiceWRLD #Remix #MellyvsMelvin


Paul Kelley says:

Guess ynw melly will be killing himself this time so this song will blow up too

It's Ronnie says:

Rip juice.🕊 999🖤🖖

Chinonyerem Collins says:

The song is just touching my soul now 💙
Melly n Juice just touched my heart

Tylorgng says:

Yo didnt this dude kill his friend for publicity?

Dae'Vion Brunhuber says:

Juices voice is still great wish he could be on the earth right now tho

Elextric Shock says:

999 Forever 🕊

dan po says:

this video hit different

Lucas Cevallos says:


Schnoozle Mcfartface says:

only watched cuz juice

kwaulite says:

when people were posting about juice wrld's death i completely ignored it and thought it of it as a prank. but, playing his songs after 4 months has now left me heartbroken and devastated.

NoLookNook _ says:

This was fire on a wholeeee otha level !

Josh Alvarado says:

If u r a fan of juice…u r a fan of me and dont know it yet….i rap and sing…this is all me https://youtu.be/YNqsv0Spjzk

Dreika Harris says:

RIP Juice wrld

Brooklyn Mcgill says:

Juice WRLD why did u have to leave🥺😭

cupcake girl says:

Ur the best

Regan Fitches says:

Fucking beautiful imagery like acc captures like how shit rlly be when goin thru that kinda shit

LOUD F7 says:

wtf? this is amazing.

doudy flex says:

Hey guys help me PROMOTE 2Gonedmg new tape!! #murder#FL


Ethan Quibell says:

One of the most messed up music videos ever its honestly insane how messed up this is

Atia Rahman says:

4life even thru death RIP my brother😖

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