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Yoga For Equestrians | Yoga With Adriene

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Yoga for Equestrians is a 33 Minute at home yoga practice designed to provide stability, strengthening and gentle release. Whether you are a horse rider or a city slicker, this session provides opportunity for core connection with mindful love for the lower back, the legs and the psoas.
In poses like modified pigeon and lizard, we’ll light up the core, stretch out the hip flexors and quadriceps, find the midline, and calm the nervous system. Remember, the breath comes first.

Hop on the mat to give your mind and body some attention. Giddy up!

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Ashley Winnop says:

Another great video… Thanks, Adrienne! Yoga for programmers/coders please! 🧘‍♀️

Jessica Hatch says:

Hi Adrienne, I’ve been watching and practicing yoga to your channel for 5 years now, so first off, thanks for all of the vinyasas!

I also wanted to share that I’m a freelance editor and book coach who got her start in NY trade publishing. Since then, freelance clients have won national awards and received critical acclaim. I’m not sure where you are in the drafting process (or maybe even the editing or the proposal process) for your book. I’ve always dreamed of working with you on a book, but been too afraid to ask! Anyway, if you think it would be helpful to you, I’d love to say hello and chat. Hope to talk soon! Jessica

Abigail Schweppe says:

As I've been an equestrian for the past 16 (almost 17) years of my life, I'm so thankful for this practice! Yoga has helped my riding so much over the past few years and I'm loving that this is available! Thank you from your native Austinite equestrian friend!! xoxo

Sara Bihaouline says:

i am not an Equestrian maybe a metaphorical one :)) but as Benji i love horses
and this practice made me feel so good especially the feet grounding in low lunge it just felt out of this world.

Lydia Bloem says:

Thank you Adriene! I haven't been on a horse in 10 years, but I loved this practice. I had a long day at work and after this short practice I feel re-centered and re-energized. Plus, you made me giggle several times! 🙂 PS-would love a Yoga for Skiers video at some point in the future!

ohmydarling katie says:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! omg i literally just went horse back riding for the first time yesterday and was searching your channel for something for riding because i was SOOO sore. and now you created this. amazing timing!! I'm in awe– going to do this practice later <3

Christopher Dobey says:

I wanted to yell at you when we had to hold our legs up. Kept them up anyway.

Pretty Thoughtful says:

This was the longest practice I've done in the past few weeks due to poor health and it reminded me just how quickly I can lose ground on my yoga ability!! I gave it my all, though, and loved how much my legs shook towards the end! Prana, baby!

Joanne Knowles says:

Love this practice and yes my little doggie loved horsey lips 😂 Appreciate your videos soooo much 🙏🙏🙏

Tj Shanti says:

Just for the record, I was not thinking "shut up Adriene." I never do, I love your stories! That's one of the many things that makes your classes unique. Stop being so hard on yourself, you're loved by millions around the world. xoxo

Terence says:

These core exercises with Adrienne do not feel like punishment. Such a good balance between strengthening and relaxing.

Mary R says:

Still a little sore from yesterday's weight loss practice but I powered through!! Thank you as always for this beautiful practice 🙂 I once had a dvd about horses that I watched endless times. Once a horse person, always a horse person 😉

Amber Hell says:

Benji reminds me of my cat peaches who just passed. The way he always cuddles up to you. Treasure him everyday Adriene. This was a wonderful practice.Thank you.

Richard Conroy says:

Omg he is soooooooo good!!!!! How on earth could you do this video when benjie is just sitting there giving you a warm hug 🤗 xxx

Casey M. Sellick says:

Loved this! I did some strength training earlier today with my capoeira group but wanted to give this week's video a go… I am so glad that I did. The lower body stretches were just what I needed to complement today's training. Thank you.

Monique says:

“5th grade honors” 😂🤣! You had me laughing several times today! Thank you Adriene for sharing another gift of yoga with all of us! 🖤

Megan Henslee says:

I’ve never been so excited for a video!

Raymond says:

Decorating your book with equestrian wall paper was an excellent idea. Especially in the sixth grade. I would have never considered that. Thanks for your videos.

Daphne Troost says:

Laughed so much with you. And Benji is just the cutest!!
And woah! That psoas stretch! Was much needed 🙂
Namasté <3

Zana N Hicks says:

Yoga is about peace and non violence this is the most contradicting title I’ve ever seen. Before the “horse lovers” come for me, did you ask your horse to ride them? How did we get from wild horses to the more tame ones that will put up with their caretaker riding them? I can promise you it wasn’t due to back scratches and belly rubs, they were broken and bred/modified.

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