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You Can't Fix'em All…

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In this video I have a look at a 2009 Kia Sedona that was brought in with a P0501. It didn’t take long to find out that the ABS module was not communicating. Simple enough… bad fuse right. Why did the fuse blow? Great question. -Enjoy!


Brand Kahuna says:

It's hard to find a problem that disappears when you're looking.

Jim Vet says:

I get a lot of enjoyment, from your channel, learning a bunch of new things all the time,
awesome teaching……… can't say enough for you & yours.
Blessings to you & the lovely Mrs. "O"…………….

Alec Rollins says:

Hey dood, Mrs O. is throwing you some signals and is looking great. I think you should ask her out 😆

john snow says:

if she had just said hot like ivan it would of been comedy gold

Kevin Byrne says:

Well, your customer can't complain that you didn't try to find the source of the fault.

John P Hudelson says:

nice kitchen!

MrFuncat says:

Ow, son of a…

Slik Rhodez says:

Anyone else pucker a little bit over the potholes?

javier gomez says:

Oh oh oh oh mrs o

Quantum Leap says:

That "ramblin'" at the end was not ramblin. you laid out the methodology of what if and what to do next. You're a helluva troubleshooting technician! If only we had someone like like you in my neck of the woods! Thanks for a very informative video Mr. O.!

Rick Gonzaga says:

Wow man, you are so lucky, god blessed you. Keep up the good work!

daniel bradley says:

Hey Eric I had the same issue when I disconnected the battery it caused the ABS and traction control light to come on, come to find out my steering angle sensor had to be recalibrated. When best try installed the speaker's they probably disconnected it and they probably pop the fuse by shorting a wire. Not saying this will fix your problem I'm just a simple diy guy.

Edward Kane says:

More Bacon !!! Thank you for your YouTube videos Eric. Your my go to guy with any automobile issues…!

bush master says:

Best things about this SMA episode were all of the Mrs.O sightings !! Nice hair styling by the way !! Happy New Year to all. : )

Allen Anderson says:

God I miss Venison living in CA… so good!

Allen Anderson says:

That car had endless amounts of codes whew…

Allen Anderson says:

You still like Jeeps even though they are now owned/built by Fiat/Fix it Again Tony's?? If yes why? Fiat makes junk cars…

Rickeyrecon says:

maybe when it snowed the snow melted and possible shorted the censer on abs…..

mitchell middleton says:

Good video Eric I've seen the abs module it's shelf have a internal fault especially when warm you need some freeze spray and heat gun to find fault .intermittent faults are a joke but sometimes customers don't understand all you get is it FIXED tho 😂

GS7093 says:

Why even fix a cheapie kia?

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