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Youth on the Dividing Line: Life in Tucson, AZ

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Imelda, Edgar, Nicolette and Nancy are youth organizers in Tucson who have helped develop a unique response to intimidation by immigration officials in their community. When one of their fathers is picked up by border patrol they have to put their plan into motion. Tierra y Libertad Organization’s Protection Network provides know-your-rights trainings, emergency savings, text message alerts for immigration sweeps, Power of Attorney documents, G-28 document and help preparing a plan of action if a family member is detained.

Experience life on the southside of Tucson where residence have the double harassment of the police and border patrol occupying their barrio. These young leaders are living in a city that is both the front line for America’s immigration battle and the pressure relief valve for economic globalization.

Phone: 5202724573

Barni Axmed Qaasim
Additional Camera: J.M. Aragón


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